Coaching Your Direct Reports to Build Great Relationships

Class Description

Managers of client-facing personnel have a direct impact on the strength of a company’s customer relationships. Improving these managers’ coaching skills leads to more loyal customers and improved results. Using its proprietary understanding of loyal relationships, Brookeside has crafted a two and a half day workshop that will give participants an understanding of the building blocks of a great customer relationship and the management tools necessary to enable their direct reports to create those loyal relationships.

“I found the session timely, relevant and greatly useful. Fostering development of effective client strategies has been a major area needing improvement for some time. I believe utilizing the tools, teachings and thought process of the session you presented will greatly enhance our ability to facilitate the organization and develop new customer strategies.”

Who Should Attend

Managers of client facing individuals and teams.

Topics Covered

  • The building blocks of loyal customer relationships and how the behaviors of managers impact these relationships
  • Delivering effective feedback to direct reports to increase performance and motivation
  • An overview of our coaching model
  • Assessment of the current relationship between the manager and direct reports

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will have:

  • An action plan to improve management skills, which will lead to more effective teams and improved customer relationships
  • An understanding of how they should give feedback to drive results
  • The ability to quickly apply the coaching model to direct reports, as a result of practiced during several coaching role-play scenarios

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