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What Makes Us


Brookeside training differs from most other training programs in eight key ways.

Customizable options

Customize each workshop to your business, industry, and needs – nothing is “off the shelf”.


Incorporate 360° feedback from direct reports, peers, managers, and self-assessments.

Action plans

Create 30-, 60-, and 90-day action plans for each participant.


Conduct manager coaching sessions prior to many workshops.

Role playing

Use role playing and exercises to enhance understanding and retention.


Use technology in our programs, including video, voice recorders, and digital perception analyzers.


Provide post-training “dripfeed” reinforcements to help ensure action plans are achieved.


Integrate salesEQUITY and consulting services into training programs when desired.


We all want our employees to excel at their jobs. At The Brookeside Group, we have over 30 years of experience helping organizations achieve this.

We’ve learned that in most cases, training doesn’t work – not unless 18 factors are considered when seeking lasting behavioral change.

To achieve real change, think Head, Heart, and Hands.


Do your people know what to do?


Do they want
to do it?


Are they able
to do it?


Whatever your training needs – to create great managers, strengthen client relationships, or improve sales – Brookeside can meet them.


“You should all be proud of what you’ve created – its impact on our sales efforts will be measured for years to come.”


“I really enjoyed taking the class and have been able to apply much of what I learned.”


“The exercises in the class showed the strengths and weaknesses in my own performance. The mix of training with input followed by exercises was very valuable for me.”

Client Service

“This class allowed me to see the world from my customers’ perspective for the first time. I will now focus on the benefit my client receives rather than the product I am selling – a big shift.”


A Fortune 500 financial services company significantly
improved its training for new managers.


Insight in Action: We use our partner’s patented
customer relationship assessment and improvement
tool in training.

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