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What Makes Us


We go beyond analysis and recommendations to help you implement change and make it stick.


Thoroughly research your requirements before taking action.

Respect Culture

Respect your corporate culture while achieving results.

Provide Tools

Give you the tools you need to produce change and make it stick.

Develop Relationships

Develop personal, 1:1 relationships with members of your team.


Customize each project to your business, industry and needs – there is no “cookie-cutter approach.”

Recommend Action

Recommend and implement action rather than advising you what to do.


Take a collaborative, hands-on approach to improving business processes.


Integrate salesEQUITY and training services into consulting projects when desired.


A large utility company saved $270 million over 2.5 years thanks to our intervention. In one notable improvement, refueling outage times dropped from 57 days to 34 days, saving 22,000 work hours.

A world-leading computer company used our WorkOut approach to save $30.4 million on an annualized annual basis.

Brookeside used WorkOuts to help a Fortune 500 technology and payments processing company increase revenue by 31%, reduce workloads from 20% to 44%, and gain $70 million in first-year efficiencies.

Consulting services to drive your business initiatives.

Brookeside Workouts

Brookeside has particularly strong experience streamlining and improving business processes with WorkOuts, an approach pioneered by “Neutron” Jack Welch at General Electric.


Create a customer journey that separates you from the pack.

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