Mastering Remote Management

Class Description

Management is hard work, but it is ten times more difficult when your direct reports are remote. In this workshop, we simulate a remote environment with breakout sessions, your company’s technology, and “remote” role plays to reinforce the importance of strong, consistent communication skills and setting ground rules with your remote direct reports.

“This class will make me a more effective manager. I will be able to help my direct reports achieve their goals and better handle problem situations, which will reduce employee turnover.”

Who Should Attend

Managers or team leaders of remote employees.

Topics Covered

  • Conducting virtual one-on-one and team meetings
  • Defining ground rules regarding communication, protocols and decision-making
  • Developing creative ways to recognize individual and team success virtually
  • setting clear expectations remotely
  • Evaluating individual feedback collected using the proprietary climate feedback system
  • Tailoring your management style based on your remote employees’ need for support

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will know how to:

  • Harness remote technology
  • Monitor performance and coach from afar
  • Craft virtual team culture
  • Understand virtual communication
  • Navigate virtual conflict and politics

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