Coaching for Results

Class Description

Motivated employees can achieve great things and drive great results. Managers must be effective coaches to successfully motivate their employees in order to achieve this level of success. Using its proprietary climate feedback system, Brookeside analyzes the manager’s current coaching effectiveness and through this three-day workshop gives participants the skills necessary to improve that effectiveness.

“This class will make me a more effective manager. I will be able to help my direct reports achieve their goals and better handle problem situations, which will reduce employee turnover.”

Who Should Attend

Managers with less than five years experience.

Topics Covered

  • The relationship between good managers and great results
  • The role of coaching in effective management
  • Setting clear expectations with direct reports
  • How to give feedback to maximum effect and improve motivation
  • Individual feedback from direct reports collected using the climate feedback system

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will have:

  • An understanding of their importance as managers in driving company results
  • Developed a personal action plan to improve coaching skills
  • Determined an effective way to set clear expectations and provide feedback via participating in several role plays
  • A methodology for dealing with difficult situations

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