Advanced Sales Skills

Class Description

Every company wants revenue growth, which means your salespeople need to be at maximum effectiveness at all times. This one-week workshop, based on Brookeside’s proprietary understanding of the building blocks of great relationships, is designed to refresh experienced sales professional’s skills to drive sales growth. It is a condensed version of our award winning ‘Developing Critical Sales Skills’ workshop.

“A humongous thank you to you and your team for making the sales training a remarkable success. You should all be proud of what you’ve created – its impact on our sales efforts will be measured for years to come.”

Who Should Attend

Sales professionals with more than three years of experience.

Topics Covered

  • Managing your sales funnel to maximize results
  • Determining what matters to the client
  • demonstrating the value proposition to the client
  • Refresher on all aspects of the sales process

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will have:

  • Created an updated sales funnel strategy to maximize sales results
  • Developed a sales strategy for a specific client
  • Completed several role plays designed to perfect communication of the value proposition
  • prepared for a specific prospect interaction using the Brookeside “Deals Desk” methodology

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