Advanced Management

Class Description

Old habits die hard. Experienced managers can develop habits, which limit them from being the most effective managers; thereby stifling results. This four-day workshop is designed to overcome those bad habits and introduce new ones based on Brookeside’s proprietary understanding of great relationships. These new habits will encourage effective management techniques to deliver great results.

“It was good to be with other people who are similarly situated, and to exchange ideas and experiences. The section on inspiring and motivating workers was most helpful to me, because that’s an area that our office has occasionally struggled with. The exercises were very helpful in illustrating the points that were being made. I see value in all of it.”

Who Should Attend

Managers with more than five years management experience.

Topics Covered

  • How managers drive great results
  • Individual feedback from superiors, peers and direct reports collected using the proprietary climate feedback system
  • Dealing with difficult people and challenging situations
  • Review of management fundamentals including:motivation; setting clear expectations; feedback and coaching
  • Importance of working effectively as a team member

Learning Objectives

Upon completions of the workshop, participants will have:

  • An improved ability to work collaborative;y with peers to manage and lead change
  • A personal action plan on how to become more effective managers based on individual feedback
  • Practiced strategies on how to deal with their real world “sticky situations”
  • An understanding of their impact on the overall organization

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