The Brookeside Group has traveled the world helping B2B clients improve their processes, increase their sales, and strengthen 1:1 client relationships.

Brookeside emerged out of research on customer experience. After a decade conducting qualitative and quantitative customer research for clients, it became clear to us that customer satisfaction and Net Promoter scores do a poor job of assessing relationships between companies and their customers.

Working with Robert Stringer of Harvard Business School and building on work done by Stringer and George Litwin, Brookeside Founder and President Tom Cates discovered a much more effective way to measure the strength of each customer relationship. This approach eventually evolved into the salesEQUITY software platform, which delivers a “deep dive” analysis of customer relationships and provides actionable advice for improving each one.

Brookeside consulting and training services

Brookeside offers consulting services to help companies strengthen customer relationships, improve business processes, hone leadership and increase sales. We also offer award-winning training workshops to help companies improve efficiency and performance. All these service elements work together to deliver a comprehensive, data-driven approach unmatched in our field. In addition, we do more than recommend a course of action – we can make it happen.

International footprint

Brookeside now serves clients around the globe. As we’ve grown, we’ve learned how to adapt our approach for different countries and languages and customize workshops for local company cultures. We create synergies across company cultural lines, leveraging best practices from other divisions to boost efficiency and revenue. We do the same for companies with regional offices or different business lines, working with groups in a step-by-step fashion to spread improvements throughout the organization.


As President of Brookeside, Tom Cates has established a research-based approach to uncovering the true value of a client relationship. As counsel to a wide array of industries and organizations, he helps companies tackle real issues like market research, customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty, process improvement and change management. Tom is the author of three books and a recognized speaker at many events each year, known for his natural storytelling that also inspires audiences to achieve better client relationships.

Tom will tell you that by leading Brookeside and helping our clients achieve their relationship goals, he is “living the dream.”

Rick Bierwagen
Senior Consultant

Rick Bierwagen leads training and consulting initiatives in areas such as business development, client service process, field engineering, management development, and efficiency.

Aside from his extensive experience in sales, marketing and business development, Rick is a recognized speaker at several industry events and also guest lectures at MIT’s Sloan School of Executive Education.

Jeff Dodgson
Senior Consultant

Jeff brings his extensive experience in sales and sales management to The Brookeside Group. Jeff specializes in delivering tailored training programs that engage sales organizations to improve their client relationships.

Our resident leisure expert, you can always rely on Jeff for a restaurant recommendation for your next travel destination. He keeps the team and our clients laughing with his clever jokes and sarcastic quips.

Megan DeGuglielmo
Strategy & Client Service Manager

Megan DeGuglielmo is the Strategy & Client Service Manager of The Brookeside Group, where she serves as the head project manager for all training and consulting initiatives. She leads and assists in strategy and facilitated group sessions, bringing a strong background in process re-design and building organizational capacity. Her top-notch instructional design skills ensure any training development project she’s leading will be successful in both content and aesthetic. She currently serves as the client service manager for tenured Fortune 500 client and manages a team of Associates.

Meghan Doherty
Senior Associate

Meghan graduated from Hamilton College with a degree in mathematics, and started her Brookeside career as an intern while still in college.

Meghan’s analytical skills shine in her projects, as well as in the comprehensive travel spreadsheets she creates for vacations with friends. In her spare time, Meghan enjoys trivia nights, finding the best buffalo chicken in Boston, and singing 90s karaoke.

Carolyn B&W
Senior Associate Consultant

As a Senior Associate Consultant at The Brookeside Group, Carolyn is responsible for the content design and delivery of best-in-class learning and development programs. Trained as an Organizational Psychologist, Carolyn partners with our clients to provide insight, expertise, and solutions that drive performance, enhance professional development, and build organizational capabilities that align with business needs.

Prior to joining The Brookeside Group, Carolyn worked in a variety of roles within the financial services, e-commerce, and non-profit sectors. Carolyn holds a Masters in Organizational Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies from the University of Pennsylvania.


Talia studied sociology and organizational leadership at the University of Delaware. She practiced individual and organizational development as an educational leadership consultant, designing and facilitating trainings for students and professionals.

Talia is a champion of Brookeside’s Fun Friday celebrations, always coming up with entertaining suggestions for after-work gatherings.

Allie Santis

Allie graduated from Colgate University and then headed to Europe to work as a teacher in Lyon, France.

She appreciates all things French, and she’s always trying new restaurants. Next thing she’s crossing off her bucket list is climbing Machu Picchu.

Melissa Malloy
Of Counsel

Melissa Malloy, President and CEO of Pathway Advising, LLC, brings over 20 years of experience in the global payments space. She consults with B2B companies specializing in Client Experience Management, Strategic Planning, Leadership Development & Executive Coaching, Process Improvement, and Employee Engagement. She works with all levels of leadership to deliver on their brand promise, make customers for life, and create highly engaged leaders and teams.

Brian Shepherd
Of Counsel

Brian’s experience spans all levels of management across three continents. Today, he consults for management, C-suite and board members in the financial services, pharmaceutical, automotive, broadcast and media industries, helping B2B organizations understand their client relationships.

Peter Symonds
Of Counsel

Peter is the former Head of Strategy and Development, Asset Finance Division at Lloyds TSB Group, he was a leading member of the team that built one of the largest and most successful consumer finance businesses in the UK. Using his executive experience, Peter is able to successfully consult at any level of management, helping companies achieve greater retention and revenue from existing client relationships.

Andrew Shaw
Of Counsel

Andrew Shaw, Founder and Managing Director of Business Services Growth (BSG) in the U.K., has developed a partnership with Brookeside into a highly successful consultancy of his own. Since its launch in 2011, BSG has combined the patented platform with a number of its own service elements to build a compelling force for helping companies accelerate revenue growth. Andrew now advises a number of businesses on growth capability assessment, growth strategy and planning, finding new leads, winning more contracts and retaining clients, with a special focus on facilities management.

Drew Namiot
Of Counsel

Drew Namiot, Founder and Managing Partner of PragmAdvisors is a senior level strategy, marketing and business development executive with over 20 years, in both corporate and consulting roles, consistently and pragmatically achieving bottom line growth through go-to-market, product and service innovations that leverage opportunities in core, adjacent and new markets. Drew has leveraged this expereince into a succesful partnership with The Brookeside Group, Inc.

Looking for an engaging speaker?

Tom Cates is the Chairman and Founder of The Brookeside Group and a natural speaker and storyteller. He infuses 5- to 5000 person audiences with his energy and enthusiasm and will inspire you to improve every client relationship you have.

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