What We Offer

Our training programs are unique in 8 key ways. We:

Customize each workshop to a client’s business, industry and needs – nothing is “off the shelf”

Use role playing and exercises to enhance understanding and retention

Incorporate 360° feedback – from managers, peers, direct reports, trainers and participant self-assessments

Use high technology in our programs, including video, voice recorders and digital perception analyzers

Create 30-, 60- and 90-day action plans for each participant

Provide post-training “drip-feed” reinforcements to help ensure action plans are achieved

Conduct manager coaching sessions prior to many workshops

Integrate our salesEQUITY and Brookeside Consulting services into training programs when desired

“You should all be proud of what you’ve created – your program’s impact on our sales efforts will be measured for years to come.”

– Business Development Executive

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