Heads, Hearts and Hands

We’ve learned that in most cases, sales training doesn’t work – not unless 18 factors are considered when seeking lasting behavioral change.

To achieve real change, think Head, Heart and Hands.

Head – Do your client-facing people know what to do? We combine classroom training, e-learning/blended learning, action learning and JIT training to make sure they do.
Heart – Do they want to do it? We use management coaching, personal and digital feedback, recognition and support to ensure behavioral change.
Hands – Are they able to do it? We give them tools, processes and job aids to execute the new behaviors.

At Brookeside, we help our clients integrate and leverage all three aspects into sustainable sales training that is incredibly effective at achieving dramatic results.

Brookeside training workshops address 18 factors to ensure lasting behavioral change in participants – in their heads, hearts and hands.

“An attendee told me he gauges the effectiveness of a training program by how many times he looks at his watch. He was surprised the day ended so quickly!”
– Operations Manager

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