Tom Cates, Speaker

Tom is the President of The Brookeside Group and a natural speaker and storyteller. He infuses
5- to 5000-person audiences with his energy and enthusiasm and will inspire you to improve every client relationship you have.

 Sample Topics

  • Make Excellent Client Relationships Your Differentiation:
  • Why Client Satisfaction is No Longer Enough
  • Great Relationships, Great Growth, Great Value:
  • Increasing the Value of your Business One Happy Client at a Time
  • Personal Branding:
  • Identifying, Strengthening, and Preserving What Makes Your Clients Love You (and Spend More with You)


“Interpreting the F Word in Client Relationships” – When a client says everything is fine, nothing could be further from the truth. This four-letter word signals problems with your relationship. Learn how to identify and save your most at-risk accounts.

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