The Numbers on Consulting

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A large utility company saved $270 million over 2.5 years thanks to our intervention. In one notable improvement, refueling outage times dropped from 57 days to 34 days, saving 22,000 work hours.

Consulting - Numbers on Consulting 2

A world-leading computer company used our WorkOut approach to save $30.4 million on an annualized basis.

Consulting - Numbers on Consulting 3

Brookeside used WorkOuts and a variety of other methods to help a Fortune 500 technology and payments processing company:

  • Increase revenue 31%
  • Reduce workloads 20% to 44%
  • Gain $70 million in first-year efficiencies

“We were able to approve over $1.6 million in potential saves. The beauty of this process is that the people who are doing the work have identified the problems and the solutions.”

-Brookeside consulting client

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