Brookeside Success Story

Finding $500,000 in an Existing Relationship


The Brookeside Group’s powerful measurement software, Brookeside INSIGHT™, captures clients’ perceptions and provides tailored recommendations on how to meet their needs and increase profitability. Brookeside was engaged by a mid-size technology company to improve their client relationships in order to maximize account value through greater retention and share of wallet.


“The only thing I can think of is to have sales folks reach out to us more often to meet and discuss new technologies and our potential needs. To establish more of a relationship…”


Brookeside identified this state health agency as an underperforming Trusted Advisor calling out for more attention. Management was presented with an executive review followed by a one-on-one coaching and planning session on this account. A short term plan was created for the management and sales teams to grow their share of wallet for this million dollar account.


The strong relationship has continued to develop. The technology company is now better positioned to be made aware of and capture potential purchases. Additionally, the state health agency now actively recommends the technology company to other divisions and peers.


The client expects to grow the $1,000,000 account by 50% or $500,000 in the first year, significantly beyond their initial forecasts. This represents a return of greater than 1000% on the total project value in the first year, not including gains made on other accounts or referrals.

Additionally, collecting feedback from more than 31% of the companies they work with exceeded this client’s expectations and provided focus and additional revenue potential for their sales team.


This is what we do at Brookeside. We help our clients leverage the value of customer loyalty and turn it into customer growth. We have three primary service offerings:

1. Brookeside INSIGHT™ patented client feedback and early warning software
2. Growth consulting
3. Award-winning talent development and behavior change strategies

Through these offerings, we help our clients achieve measurable business results, including increased revenue, share of spending, and market share, reduced cost of sales, less price sensitivity, higher customer retention, proactive customer referrals, and greater account team satisfaction.