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Featured Project


CMO, International Sports and Entertainment Organization

Client Issue:

Need to identify and segment current and potential audiences to help chart a course forward for branding, positioning, pricing, and product presentation.

What We Did:

Brookeside performed a market segmentation analysis which consisted of 3 key steps:

1. Qualitative research phase: Hosted focus groups with 86 fans and experienced the live and televised event.
2. Quantitative research phase: Formed potential segment hypotheses and tested them with over 2,000 surveys.
3. Management review: Analyzed the segmentation data and provided actionable feedback to the Executive Management team.

Our Impact:

We discovered 3 major findings that significantly impacted their marketing strategy:

1. Market size is small, but profitable

We determined that the market size for potential customers was smaller than initially anticipated; however, small shifts in advertising and education would draw those customers into the base. As a result, they shifted their focus to a more targeted approach with a higher ROI.

2. Current fans want more access

We identified that avid fans would be interested in engaging with the sport more often but lacked the awareness of how to do so. By establishing loyalty programs and letting existing fans know about upcoming events and opportunities, the company tapped into a previously missed opportunity, and thereby increased its profits.

3. Fans are key to more profitable sponsorships

We provided specific demographic and attitudinal information about their fan base which they used to win several large corporate sponsorships.

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