Think of the benefits

Loyal clients drive cost of sale down. They extend business relationships to increase share of wallet. They promote you through referrals. Loyal clients commit. They raise you from a Vendor (easy to swap out to a competitor) to a Trusted Advisor (a long-term strategic partner). They are the foundation of predictably profitable business.

Relationship Measurement

Loyalty is a living value, not a static state. Too often, “loyalty” is profiled and predicted on the wrong measures. Clients may tell you they’re “satisfied,” but that doesn’t always translate into retention and long-term tenure. Real loyalty is based on a whole range of key inputs, including product and service quality, corporate reputation and the behaviors of your people. That’s why salesEQUITY captures breadth and depth of client views. salesEQUITY is a true all-round measurement system.

As customers stay with your company, the expenses of serving them drop … while you gain more revenue from cross-selling, referrals and better pricing.

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