Motivation vs. Satisfaction

That’s why salesEQUITY goes beyond these traditional response areas to probe the issues that really matter. The bottom line is this: We can measure a client’s motivation to invest in their sales relationship with you today, and we can show you how to increase their motivation tomorrow.

The days of customer satisfaction and Net Promoter scores are over.

Relationship Science

salesEQUITY delivers a series of structured questions online, directly and securely to the participant’s desktop. The questions are based on our extensive experience of two key areas:

  • The issues that we know most profoundly impact client behaviors within the B2B relationship.
  • The format for response that users find most convenient and engaging.

salesEQUITY is a user-friendly online environment that provides an engaging experience. It does not produce aggregated or generalized data. It is not a “shock tactic” for the sales team. It is a tool to drive positive action. It enables management to lead and support improved relationship performance on an informed basis. And it shows salespeople and other key relationship contributors precisely where and how they need to modify their behaviors to drive loyalty.


… Now you need scientific, data-driven information on the relationships between each of your customers and the people who serve them.

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