Brookeside emerged out of research on customer experience. After a decade conducting qualitative and quantitative customer research for clients, it became clear to us that customer satisfaction and Net Promoter scores do a poor job of assessing relationships between companies and their customers.

Working with Robert Stringer of Harvard Business School and building on work done by Stringer and George Litwin, Brookeside Founder and President Tom Cates discovered a much more effective way to measure the strength of each customer relationship. This approach eventually evolved into the salesEQUITY software platform, which delivers a “deep dive” analysis of customer relationships and provides actionable advice for improving each one.

Brookeside consulting and training services

Brookeside offers consulting services to help companies strengthen customer relationships, improve business processes, hone leadership and increase sales. We also offer award-winning training workshops to help companies improve efficiency and performance. All these service elements work together to deliver a comprehensive, data-driven approach unmatched in our field. In addition, we do more than recommend a course of action – we can make it happen.

International footprint

Brookeside now serves clients around the globe. As we’ve grown, we’ve learned how to adapt our approach for different countries and languages and customize workshops for local company cultures. We create synergies across company cultural lines, leveraging best practices from other divisions to boost efficiency and revenue. We do the same for companies with regional offices or different business lines, working with groups in a step-by-step fashion to spread improvements throughout the organization.

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